Get What You Want and Deserve with 1 Simple Action

Get What You Want and Deserve with 1 Simple Action


It is considered normal to feel that you never get what you deserve in life. When you’re on the brink of reaching beyond your limitations, your ego [aka: The Boogie Man] is bound to show up and sabotage you.  He arrives up in a taxi to take you back to Fear City. This image alone reminds me of something out of a Stephen King novel. The Boogie Man works hard to keep you standing right where you are instead of moving forward and achieving greatness.

When you feel the most inclined to take action don’t allow [fear] to seep in.

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It starts with the little things like putting away the dishes. This is how you get what you want in 1 simple step. Changing the way you utilize this 1 simple step will forever change your life. Trust me.

This one simple step is called,


When you feel the urge to accomplish something, TAKE ACTION! Right then and there. Even if it means that you have to drop what you are doing. If you don’t, it may cost you more in the long run.

Set yourself up to start making the disciplinary action towards what you want in life.

I have lived in my house here in Venice, California for 17 years. For 17 years, I’ve known to move my car to the other side of the street for street sweeping every Thursday from 1-3pm. If I don’t move my car, I receive a ticket for a whopping $72!

One day, after a long morning of training clients, I pulled up to my house completely exhausted. The moment I walked into the door, I realized that I had parked my car on the wrong side of the street because it was Thursday. I looked down at my watch and told myself, “It’s 12 noon now, I have an hour to move it.” I made the decision to meditate for a moment with the intention of getting up in 30 minutes to move my car.  Instead, I fell asleep! I woke up an hour and a half later and immediately jumped up to look at the window and see a bright orange ticket on my car.

This may seem harmless at the time. $72 out of pocket and a mental slap on the wrist saying, “Dang, I could have spent that money on groceries.” If you view this situation only skin deep and tell yourself “Eh, everyone gets tickets,” you may be digging your subconscious habit of not taking action even deeper than you thought.

A Lesson Learned is an Experience Had… Only if You Take It As Such

Sit down and really think about what decisions you have made today. Have any of them been decided on the simple fact that you can do it at a later time or on a later date? Maybe you decided you simply don’t have time for that at the moment? More often than not, we find ourselves making these self-sabotaging decisions ALL.THE.TIME.

Here are some examples:

I should have just paid that bill on time; the money was in my account. Now I owe more money in late fees and the cost to turn my services back on.

“I told myself months ago I was going to get up in the mornings and go for a walk. My back began hurting so much and the doctor told me it’s because I’ve become overweight. The remedy the doctor suggested was, ‘Start going for a walk in the mornings.’” [True story of an old client of mine]

In reality, these small decisions put you in a negative state all because you decided not to take action. You have begun this sort of ‘cycle of self-sabotage’ perhaps since you were a young child. Back when you’d replace homework time for play time. “I have to get past this level in order to stop playing.” In reality, making these types of decisions are detrimental to your mental and physical health.

The Future is Dependent on the Actions You Take Today

Don’t allow yourself to encounter the moment, 5 years down the road, telling yourself, “I wish I should have started that.” The more time you allow to pass without taking action, the worse off you will end up becoming- mentally and physically. Mentally meaning feelings of loneliness, unworthiness or depression and physically meaning unhealthy and weak.

This is unnecessary suffering! This type of suffering is brought on by only one person; you! This concept transcends time and space. It doesn’t matter your age, how ‘disabled’ you are, what your work schedules like. Pssst! Those are excuses to prohibit you from moving forward! It’s the Boogie Man telling you that you really should stay where you are most comfortable, living a life less than desirable.

It started out as harmless transactions of thought; some believed to be a way of time-management and responsibility. In reality, it’s thoughts like this that unveil exactly why you struggle to succeed in accomplishing any big goals in your life.

It’s the little disciplines that are excused that do not allow for you to even begin fathoming to attempt creating bigger disciplines such as reading books, doing research on how to accomplish your goals or keeping a consistent workout schedule.

“Well, that’s easy for you to do, Jerome. I mean look at you!”

No, no, no! I’m human, too. I reached many points in my life where I all I wanted to do was stop what I was doing. It took me 10 years of hard work and dedication to receive my IFBB Pro-Card! I’ve helped start-up many businesses just to see them fall to the wayside due to lack of discipline on everyone’s part including my own. I still have my battle gear on when it comes to taking on challenges every day. You are at a constant battle with yourself every day.

The difference is that I made the decision to apply discipline and take action years ago! This is a forever work in progress and it’s NEVER TOO LATE TO START. You have to have the discipline to take action.

 Every new discipline affects the rest of your disciplines… The smallest actions lead to the next action. When you start accomplishing them, it will inspire you to complete the next one and the next one and the next one.

Read more, set your goals and go for it!

“The key is to diminish the lack and set up the new. The greatest temptation is to ease up a little bit. Instead of doing your best you settle for doing a little less than your best because it’s easier.”  [I would like to give Jim Rohn credit because he says what I mean SO elegantly!]

NO! If you don’t take care of your ‘lack’ you begin to diminish your self-worth and self-value, a little bit at a time. Start to create your tapestry of disciplines. Every tapestry starts off small and gets bigger with time and effort. Tell yourself, “I should, I could, and I will! Soon you will have a life full of faith, courage, and wisdom all because you decided to take action! The value of accomplishing one action adds to the value of accomplishing the next action and before you know it you are moving mountains in your accomplishing your goals.

“You don’t need a 2,000-year-old guru… or daily affirmations [to motivate you to take action]. Affirmations, without discipline, are the beginning of delusion.”

Thank you, Jim Rohn. You nailed it right on the head.

The next time when you are faced with making a decision, however big or small it may be, take action to create the outcome you know will add value to your life. This can be as small as putting the dishes away before heading off to bed. Seriously.

Train your brain to tell the Boogie Man to step aside and take control of your life! Everything is connected. Your mind and body are connected viagra andorre. Together they create one very extremely potent system of intelligence that holds the power of the universe within it.

As I always say, MOVE! GET OUT OF YOUR WAY!! Train your brain to reap the rewards you deserve by TAKING ACTION.

Much love,

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